Sunday, 3 April 2011

My lovely Kiwi and my beloved Soffy

I send a message over Kiwi's facebook. The funny part is, she called me not more than half an hour later, she called me. She didn't even read the message that i gave her on facebook yet. Awak memang betul2 memahami la kan. One thing i like about her, dia hanya ingat number saya seorang sahaja. I dont know why, is there anything that u are hiding from me ? Its pretty sweet by the way.

Lieya ( baru dapat nama baru u hehe)
Met her at capsquare then lepak 3R. Yien and Nor called me ask me where am i. I said 3R and they were like. "WTH APA KAU BUAT DEKAT SITU, OFIS DAH TUTUP KOT !" HAHAHAHA :D

Hantar kiwi's sister balik then pergi karaoke. Kiwi ada curfew though. Be back by 1am. 3am baru jejak rumah hasil kerja penculikan Nazzy Ashraf. HAHAHA :D

Soffy texted me being sad and all. Dont worry dear, im always there for you okay. Saya sangat tak suka tengok awak bersedih, mari mari lah kita bersenyum. The fun part is, Soffy merajuk dgn saya tengah hari tadi. HAHAHA here we are, still close friends. Besties right :)) You put my name in your blog kan. Ini for you Soffy. I love you bestie <3 
Soffy :)


sofea lee said...

i love you too naji..

Nazzy Ashraf said...

hihihi :D

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