Tuesday, 1 March 2011

2 + 2 = 4

Our Creative Problem Solving class for today has been canceled and I got nothing to do. No class for the whole day, what do you expect. Sleep all day long? HAHA

Then Mira called and said that Bad wanted to go out. Along with DD, Boy and Ieka. We decided to go to the Times Square. We had our lunch (well so called lunch because we haven't had our lunch yet and it was 4pm at that time) at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Zinger Burger set, ohhh nyummmm. Me and boy saw something nice. Nice looking body shape of a girl wearing tight legging, NICE ! Sekali dia pusing, HANCUR ! AHAHA

Thanks Mira sebab belanja saya lunch :)

Then we went for the movie, I AM NUMBER FOUR. But before that, we went to the toilet. All the guys to be exact and we heard this sound. Proooooooot prooooooooot proooooooooooot ! We all though it was Boy but then it wasn't. AHAHAHA MALU GILA SIAL SEBAB KITORANG BAHAN KAW2 PUNYA :D All and all, the movie was great. Well Mira slept for a few minutes at first. Mengantuk sangat katanya -.-"

And thanks again Mira sebab belanja saya movie juga :)

Here are some pictures of us :)


lily fadhilah said...

nak lepak ag..tp tggu la i berduit ye

Nazzy Ashraf said...

i pun tak berduit haaaa

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