Monday, 28 February 2011

Presenting the Presentation

Today, I was supposed to present about Datuk Maznah Hamid, the 'Iron Lady' of Securiforce. She is one of the top 10 most successful Entrepreneurs in Malaysia. About 4 to 5 groups have presented their presentation. I've waited for my turn eagerly and excitedly then suddenly, 'Another 4 groups will be presenting next week as we are out of time'. How frustrated, now I have to wait for a week. Its not because I wanted to present and talk in front of the class, its because now I have lots of work being delayed. DAMN !

The Iron Lady of Malaysia

After I got back from the University, I went straight to bed. It was raining heavily and saya dibasahi hujan lenjun. Around 8pm, my friends came and abducted me. AKU TENGAH SYOK TIDUR WEYH !
Went to BRJ for dinner and then as always, 3 hours of NON STOP GAMING ! AHAHA
Ouhh ouhh and then I got this cigarette from one of my officemate. For research purposes, entah. Maybe nak test siapa mati dulu kalau hisap rokok ni agaknya -.-"
Yang penting, ROKOK FREEEEEE !

For Research Purposes, KAU ADA ?

That is all, tomorrow I got class in the afternoon. BOLEH BANGUN LAMBAT :)
Goodnight people :)


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