Thursday, 3 March 2011

Parts of life which will always remains in my life

Some of my friends that I cant live without. Thanks friends :)

Danish Nazrin @ Babong Gelap 

He's always there for his friends. Don't ever insult Liverpool in front of him because he is a Liverpool fans who could cry over his team :)

Ejoy Hairel @ Peter Griffin

He's tough on the outside but there's a soft spot inside of him. Very sensitive :D

Yanzi Shush @ Kekek

Bestfriend since College. Her biggest fear is her shoes collection being burned down :D

Izah Sharizah @ Kak Nor

The weirdest kakak ever ! She's really weird :D

Alynn @ Kecik

My little baby sister and my bestfriend also. She's always there for me :)

Ekinn Allyias @ Heroin

Tempat saya mengadu setiap hari. Thank heroin :)

Ferra Adryana @ BLC

My lil sis who likes belacan so much. You are weird -.-"

Faiza Akjan @ Ara

My bestfriend yang kerap bertumbuk. I miss you, sorry dear. I've been busy :(

Puteri Nurul Nabila @ PNN

My beloved mummy, you are the best :)

Sophia Lee @ Soffy

Although we barely know each other..
But you help me a lot soffy.
Thank you so much dear.
Im so glad I got to know you.
My Jiwang/Emo geng :))

UniKL's ISE Students

Friends that will be with me for the next few years.
Nak sebut satu2 aku rasa boleh cramp.
hahahaha :D

There should be a lot more but I'll have to put more pics.
Maybe later :)
Love you all my friends :)


lily fadhilah said...

mane gambar aku???huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Nazzy Ashraf said...

gambar kau dkt bwh sekali..
yg aku tulis LATER..
ahaha nnti la :D

pnnhellokitty said...

you are the bomb, my goldie. <3 you.

sofea lee said...

where's my pic ?

Nazzy Ashraf said...

i tak kenal lg u masa i post ni sayang, nanti i letak :D

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