Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ticking Time Bomb

I was born with a living time bomb inside me. Yeah, with a disease that will take me away any time in my life. Have you ever wonder why I never got mad, hard to cry or emotionless. I've been cheating death so many times already in my life. One day, I will be gone for good. I never asked to be this way, I've considered this time bomb as a gift from God. You want to know why ? HAHA its because each and every single one of you don't know when will you GO but for me, I know the exact time and date. I have the advantages so this is a gift. I tend to make others smile every single day. I am sorry if I ever hurt someone. Sometimes, it wasn't intentional. Oh well, life goes on either short or long. It will still go on :)


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