Thursday, 24 February 2011

And it all begins :)

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.” - quoted by a Roman Philosopher in the mid 1st century AD

Yes, the last beginning of mine has ended and now i am going to start a new beginning and hopes for a better end.
This blog was created because of that purpose. My last blog will be in vain. Goodbye old blog, you are just an old story that will just remains as old stories. I will still cherish everything that happened during the production of my old beginning.
Now, I am taking Bachelor (hons) of Business Administration in Management and Entrepreneurship so I have to start acting like a professional.
HAHAHA yeah right. I will always be honest to myself as I will always be my real self. The one that have the mentality disorder :D 
But then, some things will change alright. Its time to 5 steps further ahead. BERPANDANGAN JAUH katanyaaaaa :D 
Through my experiences from my last beginning, i have gone through many obstacles and learned many things.
One thing for sure, i will use it for my beginning. Hopes that everything will run smoothly :)
It has begun, the beginning of my beginning thus i will begin the start of my beginning of a new beginning with a new beginning.
Pening?! Hahahahahaha :D
Thats all for now, and for those who doesn't know me.
Hello there, my name is Nazirul Ashraf @ Naz and you will here lots more from me :)


lily fadhilah said...

hoooooooooooo...welcome dear to this group...v r being a writer....hahahaha so enjoy with ur site n i be ur first follower..n u should gv me a gift!!!

ixora said...

acap pun boleh kan :p

Nazzy Ashraf said...

ieka : gift ? buang duit aku je :D

ixora : shhhh itu diam2 laaaa :D

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