Saturday, 26 February 2011

Rough Day and Steamboat :)

Today was a sad day for me

I wish you could tell me whats going on darling :)

I just woke up from my evening nap and then i received a call from my sister. "Naz, kau siap2. Kitorang datang amik kau ni. Ikot je".
I took a shower, get ready and they're here.
They brought me to the Flaming Steamboat Restaurant in Danau Kota. Full house, but luckily they have booked a table already. Ahaha steamboat, what do you expect. Eat till you barf ! Ahahahaha, thanks kakak  :D

This is just the appetizer :)

More pictures will be uploaded soon as most of the pictures are in kakak's phone :)


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