Friday, 25 February 2011

The freak and the weirdos

Ni hao, wo shi Naz
Wo zai Jilongpo Daxue dushu

That's what i learn in Mandarin class yesterday. Its kinda hard to memorize all the intonation. the characters and the meaning of every words -.-"

While in Writing for Academic Purposes class, i've learned about grammar. HAHA yes people, grammar. Felt like a kindergarten doesn't it? With all the happy happy kids, big size happy kids to be exact. ahahaha happy class :D
Class is over and we went to Selera Puteh for lunch. Makan punya makan then decided to go to the MARA building. MARA building ingat, but MASJID korang mana ? AHAHAHAHA
Went to the MARA building then decided to go to the RedBox. HAHAHA AMIK KAU 3 hours of pure karaokeing, dah lah suara aku tak fully recovered yet. Terbaik lah :D

Here are some of our pictures :)

Waiting for bard -.-"

1 happy family kan kan
From left : Anak bongsu, anak sulung, mak dan ayah :D

Family diorang ni lagi -.-"

Didiey and Ieka

Adik dan Kakak

Saya macam patung pula :D


Father and Son

Ieka dan Mira


Saya yang comel :D


And that is all sebab balik2, i went straight to bed :)


lily fadhilah said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa...thnx syg..terharunye aku..nampak x muke terhar..huhuhu comel kan kite sume....hehehehhe

Nazzy Ashraf said...

mmg sgt nmpk la muka terharu kau tu :)

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