Monday, 28 February 2011

Presenting the Presentation

Today, I was supposed to present about Datuk Maznah Hamid, the 'Iron Lady' of Securiforce. She is one of the top 10 most successful Entrepreneurs in Malaysia. About 4 to 5 groups have presented their presentation. I've waited for my turn eagerly and excitedly then suddenly, 'Another 4 groups will be presenting next week as we are out of time'. How frustrated, now I have to wait for a week. Its not because I wanted to present and talk in front of the class, its because now I have lots of work being delayed. DAMN !

The Iron Lady of Malaysia

After I got back from the University, I went straight to bed. It was raining heavily and saya dibasahi hujan lenjun. Around 8pm, my friends came and abducted me. AKU TENGAH SYOK TIDUR WEYH !
Went to BRJ for dinner and then as always, 3 hours of NON STOP GAMING ! AHAHA
Ouhh ouhh and then I got this cigarette from one of my officemate. For research purposes, entah. Maybe nak test siapa mati dulu kalau hisap rokok ni agaknya -.-"
Yang penting, ROKOK FREEEEEE !

For Research Purposes, KAU ADA ?

That is all, tomorrow I got class in the afternoon. BOLEH BANGUN LAMBAT :)
Goodnight people :)

Sunday, 27 February 2011

No Strings Attached :)

I was on a date (kononnya) with Mira yang kecik tapi lebar. Lunch at 4pm at Burger King. Double mushroom whatever whatever burger, nyummy! Then we watched 'No Strings Attached', sweet movie but then i watched it with Mira. TAK ADA FEELING LANGSUNG WEYH ! Menguap a few times :)
Wished I have a sweet girlfriend like that in my life :) Overall, it was a nice romantic sweet story. Our date was nice too (KONONNYA!!!!) But then again, i watched i with MIRA weyh !! AGAIN, TAK ADA FEEL ! ahahahahahahahahahaha :)
Back to our date (kononnya), here we are in Pak Wan Beriyani in Setiawangsa, waiting for Ieka and Bard for our group assignment discussion (kononnya). Mira dah bantai makan dulu dah, kebulur katanya (kononnya).
Here's a picture of us waiting for Ieka and Bard :)

saya comel, sebelah tu lebar :)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Rough Day and Steamboat :)

Today was a sad day for me

I wish you could tell me whats going on darling :)

I just woke up from my evening nap and then i received a call from my sister. "Naz, kau siap2. Kitorang datang amik kau ni. Ikot je".
I took a shower, get ready and they're here.
They brought me to the Flaming Steamboat Restaurant in Danau Kota. Full house, but luckily they have booked a table already. Ahaha steamboat, what do you expect. Eat till you barf ! Ahahahaha, thanks kakak  :D

This is just the appetizer :)

More pictures will be uploaded soon as most of the pictures are in kakak's phone :)

Friday, 25 February 2011

The freak and the weirdos

Ni hao, wo shi Naz
Wo zai Jilongpo Daxue dushu

That's what i learn in Mandarin class yesterday. Its kinda hard to memorize all the intonation. the characters and the meaning of every words -.-"

While in Writing for Academic Purposes class, i've learned about grammar. HAHA yes people, grammar. Felt like a kindergarten doesn't it? With all the happy happy kids, big size happy kids to be exact. ahahaha happy class :D
Class is over and we went to Selera Puteh for lunch. Makan punya makan then decided to go to the MARA building. MARA building ingat, but MASJID korang mana ? AHAHAHAHA
Went to the MARA building then decided to go to the RedBox. HAHAHA AMIK KAU 3 hours of pure karaokeing, dah lah suara aku tak fully recovered yet. Terbaik lah :D

Here are some of our pictures :)

Waiting for bard -.-"

1 happy family kan kan
From left : Anak bongsu, anak sulung, mak dan ayah :D

Family diorang ni lagi -.-"

Didiey and Ieka

Adik dan Kakak

Saya macam patung pula :D


Father and Son

Ieka dan Mira


Saya yang comel :D


And that is all sebab balik2, i went straight to bed :)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

And it all begins :)

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.” - quoted by a Roman Philosopher in the mid 1st century AD

Yes, the last beginning of mine has ended and now i am going to start a new beginning and hopes for a better end.
This blog was created because of that purpose. My last blog will be in vain. Goodbye old blog, you are just an old story that will just remains as old stories. I will still cherish everything that happened during the production of my old beginning.
Now, I am taking Bachelor (hons) of Business Administration in Management and Entrepreneurship so I have to start acting like a professional.
HAHAHA yeah right. I will always be honest to myself as I will always be my real self. The one that have the mentality disorder :D 
But then, some things will change alright. Its time to 5 steps further ahead. BERPANDANGAN JAUH katanyaaaaa :D 
Through my experiences from my last beginning, i have gone through many obstacles and learned many things.
One thing for sure, i will use it for my beginning. Hopes that everything will run smoothly :)
It has begun, the beginning of my beginning thus i will begin the start of my beginning of a new beginning with a new beginning.
Pening?! Hahahahahaha :D
Thats all for now, and for those who doesn't know me.
Hello there, my name is Nazirul Ashraf @ Naz and you will here lots more from me :)